Book Narratives and Tess

Turkeystuffer (Suspense/Thriller)

(This screenplay is the film adaptation of my Simon and Schuster novel of the same name)

Two homeless men, long outcast to the fringes of society, are thrust back into the mainstream by the brutal slaying of Mimi Driver, the lover of Robert “Chickenhead” Gibbs. He and his friend, Jamaica Rummains, reluctantly turn to the police for help in finding the person who is-seemingly at will-butchering street people in Phoenix, Arizona. The men quickly discover the cops’ know less about the killings then they do. Fueled by anger and seeking revenge, they travel down a dangerous path looking for answers…and directly toward a monster that knows they’re coming…to see more info on this project, click here.

Dealin’ with the Dead…(Suspense/Thriller)

(Pilot is complete on this 13-episode TV production-there are3 additional novels in this series)

Bank robber wunderkind Monticello Turquoise’s life circles the drain after a tweeker crew member’s untimely blackout forces the twenty-four years old career criminal to gun down an ex-cop-in self defense-during a heist gone wrong. Within moments two men-one a billionaire co-owner of the world’s fourth largest software firm-lay dead as Monticello and crew flee. Shaken by their deaths, Turquoise is lured into a trap by the FBI and, eventually, tossed into the hellhole of Bofield State Penitentiary in Gasson, Texas where-after years of beatings by both corrupt guards and inmates-Monticello drops all appeals and limps to his fate, death in the electric chair. That’s where, minutes after his demise, things get really bad…for more info on this project, click here.

MirrorMan (Suspense/Thriller)

(Pilot is in development for this 13-episode TV production-there’s a secondnovel in this series)

Her innocence’s stolen by her pedophile father, young Laura Gaye cries, struggles and finally frees herself by going away to university. Years pass before she’s mentally tough enough for a confrontation. But, before that happens, Laura’s father murders her mother and-police on his doorstep-kills himself. Crushing guilt sends Laura into a three year downward spiral of shrinks, alcohol and mind shredding nightmares. Mentally devastated, she’s hours from committing suicide when she stumbles into a robbery turn rape of a young woman. Laura’s tenuous hold on sanity dissolves as she slays both men-and is rejuvenated by the slaughter. As her lethal brand of justice grows unchecked, she faces one drawback she never saw coming-the girl whose life she saved…for more info on this project, click here.

Scenes of a Semi-Sister (Drama)

(Pilot is in developmentfor this 13-episode TV production from the novel)

Awash in grief from the death of her brain-cancer ravaged mother, eleven-year-old Antarctica “Andy” Echo’s terror is multiplied exponentially when a person she barely knows-her French/American father Laurent Fredric Echo-has them on a plane from her hometown of Poitier, France, to the USA within hours of the burial. Landing a day later half a world away in the land of her birth, Laurent parks his only child in the booth of a rundown greasy spoon eatery near downtown Phoenix, AZ, with a bowl of oatmeal and a fifty-dollar bill before rushing off to broker a money laundering deal that ends up costing him his life. Now orphaned in a country with a culture she doesn’t know or understand, a frightened and traumatized Antarctica has no idea that the wolves of the street have already marked her for their next meal. What they don’t know is this skinny young girl is far more then she appears…

Dappa Doo and Taylor, too…(Romance)

(This screenplay is a feature film that is currently being developed for Lifetime Channel)

A rocket sled with pig-tales, motor-mouth pixie Daphne Wilson (she had an opinion on everything and the intellectual chops to back it up) bolts through high school and university as a force of nature for change. Making her mark as a world-class photo-journalist for CNN, she leaves in her wake stunning images of the human condition around the world. Her life-long partner in crime (they were born 30 minutes apart in the same Pittsburgh, PA hospital) Taylor Barnes has long since been banished to the friend zone where he has a front row seat (via letters and postcards she mails to him from around the world) to his secret crush as she consumes life like a brushfire. Taylor-a rock steady persona backed by a genius IQ-has grudgingly chose a much quieter life as an English professor and a weekend antique car restorer. He’s finally settled; she’s finally famous when both have the rug yanked from under them and one question remains-can you ever really let go of your heart? For more on this project click here.

Falcon Field (Drama)

(Pilot is complete in this 13 + episodes TV production from the non-fiction book of the same name)

In 1939 the demons of war again visited the Isles of England with the monsters of Hitler’s Third Reich expanding their empire on the mountains of the dead beneath their feet. England-its back to the wall and still in shambles from the last great war-now must face down a maniacal regime that in the coming years would butcher more than seven million Jews and foreigners in its quest to create a homeland for the Schutzstaffel’s “Master” race.

 But-before the Monarchy could deal with that problem-there were more immediate concerns at hand.

 The linchpin of England’s defense-its aviators-were in less than short supply and-due to the frightening efficiency of the German Luftwaffe-had no safe skies to train desperately needed pilots within the European theater. Enter to the west its former colony, the United States of America. The USA-itself proclaiming neutrality during the onset of the conflict-tossed their British counterparts a valuable bone; America’s clear skies to train flyers. With a patch work of work-in-progress bases stretching from Mesa, Arizona (Falcon Field) to Pensacola, Florida (NAS Pensacola), boys as young as sixteen years of age (the average age of Officer Cadet Trainee’s in the Royal Air Force at this time was twenty-one) were given a crushing twenty-week course in Aviation that had a washout rate (not including those killed during training itself) of fifty percent. Those who survived their training were immediately thrown into a job where more the sixty-four percent of them were killed within their first month in the air. Within this conundrum we’ll follow the fate of five boys/men (two of which are brothers) as they fall into the rabbit hole of the war machine (all for far different reasons) and come out vastly changed across its course. With the causalities of WW1 still among them (with their shattered minds and missing limbs in full view), these present/future guardians of the Crown are-for the most part-the untested thread binding the flaying fabric of a country not yet recovered from its past and terrified for its future…for more info on this project, click here.

“Mark Crockett is a visceral, fearless writer who knows how to suck us into his stories and makes us root for the unlikeliest of heroes.”

Tess Gerritsen  New York Times bestselling author