Dealin’ with the Dead…Episode Guide

This ain’t that kind of Party… (pilot)

Monticello’s chow line stare-down tosses gasoline on an already explosive situation. A pissed off neo-Nazi takes his rage out on a newbie bystander. Monticello and Harry O’s walkabout in the prison yard lands them both in the hospital. A piece of unexpected bad news catches Harry O by surprise. An unknown player clears the board. Despondent and beaten, Monticello takes the fall.

Crabs in a Barrel (episode #2)

An angered Pearly is offered a piece of the pie. Monticello and friends learn new tricks. Money, money everywhere. Frankie says “No more” as Monticello learns how deep the shit is. Green means go. To catch a thief. Hard way to learn that loyalty is a bitch. Savior in a thousand-dollar suit. Gonna be around for a minute. It’s gonna get worst.

Phoenix on the Felt (episode #3)

The Warden needs a bottle of relief. A few more minutes for the dead man walking. Apology NOT accepted. This is gonna really, really hurt. Shake, rattle and howl.  Sleeping beauty. Are we there yet? Rude awakening. Did you see that? I’d buy that for a dollar.