Falcon Field Episode Guide

Devil’s Rain (pilot)

Grief blossoms into rage after Earl Harrison loses his last loved one weeks after his family is murdered. Revenge and hatred propels the young boy forward with one deadly goal in mind. Officer Cadet Trainee Victor Begum’s life is put on hold by an overzealous commanding officers’ need for perfection. Thug, thief and lowlife Hubert Begum has some very bad people gunning for him as he devises a unique escape strategy across the pond. Joseph Wood is forced back into the fold of his estranged family after almost losing his life in a night raid that destroys everything he owns. Ex-accountant Calvin Bannett emotionally numbed existence is about to be painfully revived after the death of a man on his watch.

Skip and Jump (episode #2)

Pride-and an unusual offer-forces Joseph Wood into the Royal Air Force’s Cadet Training program. Calvin Bannett’s big gamble gets off to a rocky start that could end him permanently. Earl Harrison’s fierce determination and harsh intensity rubs his fellow recruits the wrong way. Hubert Begum’s high learning curve brings about scrutiny he doesn’t need. Victor Begum’s victory is short lived when a chance encounter shakes him to his core.

Dry kind of Heat (episode #3)

Victor Begum’s hospital stay garners a new acquaintance*. Hubert Begum finds an ally he may have to rid himself of. Earl Harrison’s circle of distractors grows as his skills excel. Joseph Wood’s unexpected success is definitely not part of his plan. Calvin Bannett’s slow and steady mentality gets him a swift,public kick in the ass.

*Tiffany Ivy’s character is introduced. This will be a reoccurring role.