About the Book…

“MirrorMan” (my third novel) got its start more than a decade before the #Me Too movement (I read the first four chaptersat a reading in Tucson, AZ during Pima College’s Spring Writers Conference) but shadows the thoughts of this cultural phenomenon; Laura Gaye is an exceptional woman that is tired of taking men’s shit and-literally-takes matters into her own hands.

I was scared to death upon seeing that more then half the audience I’d be reading to consisted of women (there is a very graphic scene that takes place in the first chapter that sets the tone for the entire book that took me weeks and weeks of rewrites to finally complete) but-at the time-this was the only way to see if I got the thing right. When my turn came up at the podium (there were three of us reading-I was number two), I stepped up and-nervous as hell-pretty much plowed through the almost forty pages in a flop sweat.

By the beginning of the second chapter the sixty-plus people in the room were dead quiet. The third chapter brought more then a few sniffles. By the last chapter-with several women crying-I waited for bricks/chairs/small arms fire to hit my position onstage. Nothing happened as I closed my notebook and exited the rising to my seat. As soon as I sat (I was seated in the front row) a woman seated behind me-she was one of the interns helping at the conference-touched my shoulder and leaned to me.

“Can I talk to you outside after the reading”. Yes, she was crying.

This happened a couple more times as the third author read. About ten minutes later the event broke up and we all exited the auditorium to classes and other functions. I found approximately twelve-fifteen women waiting to talk to me about my character-Laura Gaye-and some deeply personal (and heart rending) tales of truly fucked up shit that evil, sick men do to their partners. They were all surprised that I-a man-could get something so sensitive right. I listened to these incredible survivors for more than an hour before having to leave for my next workshop…